A scratch of brush can bring your happiness

Brush always Beautiful


Creation is another name of feeling that is constantly playing from the center of the heart. We see and feel this creation through song, drawing, or poetry. In my academic work, designing was taught especially at the beginning of my art education life (2009-2017). First in pencil and poster color, later in a number of experimental works in graphics media. As an artist, I want to give a status or entity to my mind to feel art & design from my inner side of the heart. Because those feelings need to be rather universal than personal. The transmission of personal emotions here is special and spreading. It is the artist’s unique identity. I am only the bearer of his efforts.



The beginning of my professional career was started in the middle of my education life. At the same time, the scope of my working experience gradually increased through various financial and social organizations in my student life. I got acquainted with a new medium simultaneously, which enriched my knowledge a lot. In my next career, I focused on designing through different techniques to get desired fashion products according to people’s needs and demands.